Antagonist Character
Name: HalfBoiledHero
Status: Alive
Profession: Commentator and YouTube Director
Voiced By: HalfBoiledHero (himself)
First Appearance Peter Griffin responds to MacboyReducx (mentioned only)

HalfBoiledHero is an antagonist character in the Most Hated Stuff universe best known for directing and performing his multi-degree commentary video Battle of the Davids, which had been done as a response to the epic I Hate Commentaries video David the Ranter VS. Modern Dave Idiot, a forty minute commentary video performed on another multi-degree commentary video.


  • HalfBoiledHero hates when other people perform commentaries on a video prior to him making a commentary on that same video.
  • He does not appear in a Most Hated Stuff video, but is mentioned in a video featuring an appearance by MacboyReducx.