I Hate Commentaries: Let's Hope This Ends Here
I Hate Commentaries Ep. 3 Title Card
YouTube Account Most Hated Stuff
Produced by John Tipling

Will Garrison

Genre Commentary
Starring David the Ranter

Alex the Ranter
Mr. Douchebag
Modern Dave

Upload Date July 8, 2014
Running time 1:06:17
Preceded by David the Ranter VS. Modern Dave Idiot
Followed by You're on my Naughty List
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Let's Hope This Ends Here is a shit commentary thats too long, has flawed points, and made me, and rion have a headache after watching.


  • First appearance of Alex the Ranter.
  • This video was uploaded on David Ryson's Supposed 32nd Birthday. he acts like a child, still to this day.
  • Despite the commentary video's title, the subject did not end there. because you acted like a child david.