I Hate Commentaries: Pittrocks56 on TheUncleHammer with Benthelooney
I Hate Commentaries Ep. 1 Title Card
YouTube Account Most Hated Stuff
Produced by John Tipling
Genre Commentary
Starring David the Ranter


Upload Date April 23, 2013
Running time 39:27
Followed by David the Ranter VS. Modern Dave Idiot
Official website

Pittrocks56 on TheUncleHammer with Benthelooney is a multi-degree I Hate Commentaries video featuring David the Ranter in his debut appearence as he commentates on a YouTube user named Pittrocks56 about a commentary video that he himself did on another commentary, which had been created and performed by a veteran miscellaneous-themed YouTube Director known as TheUncleHammer, and which he did on the Ben Rants video "Modern Films". This commentary was later featured in a commentary video created by Modern Dave.


  • Upon the video's release, the commentary has received several complaints from YouTube users arguing about the length of the video. Those that have joined this complaint have claimed that the video alone should not be any longer than 30 minutes. Some notable protesters involved with this claim have included Modern Dave, Mr. Douchebag, MacboyReducx, and HalfBoiledHero. However, David the Ranter shows absolutely no remorse and has continuously ignored every one of these video length complaints, stating that he and anybody else doesn't really care about the length of the video. He has also refused to remove any parts of his commentary videos, even if that particular part was considered unimportant, as David believes that doing so would constitute as doing the commentary half-fast.
  • Ironically, the commentary video has received over 18 dislikes and less than half positive likes.


  • First appearance of David the Ranter.
  • This video is the first "I Hate Commentaries" video.
  • First video to use Speakonia for character voices.
  • This is the only Most Hated Stuff video from 2013 to have featured David the Ranter.