Modern Dave Commentary: Pointless, Thy Name Is I
YouTube Account Davidwash3r3
Genre Commentary
Starring Modern Dave

David the Ranter

Upload Date September 5, 2013
Running time 27:05 (total)
Official website

Pointless, Thy Name is I is a multi-degree commentary video done by Modern Dave, created as a response to the I Hate Commentaries video "Pittrocks56 on TheUncleHammer with Benthelooney". The commentary features Modern Dave miserably testifying against David the Ranter's points made about Pittrocks56's commentary response video to TheUncleHammer's commentary video on the Ben Rants video "Modern Films". Four months after the video's release, a response commentary had been done by David the Ranter, describing Modern Dave as a know-it-all commentator and does commentaries half-fast (testifying against Modern Dave's constant skipping throughout the video). The response commentary also featured TheUncleHammer making a cameo appearence in the video, who assists David the Ranter with making some of the testimonies against Modern Dave.


  • Modern Dave uses the dragon Toothless from the animated film "How to Train Your Dragon" for his avatar in this video, in which he also states in the video that he uses the dragon character as his avatar for multi-degree commentary videos.
  • This commentary was made as part of a request by Pittrocks56, which highly offended David the Ranter, stating that Pittrocks56 should be a man and perform the commentary himself rather than having someone else performing the commentary for him and thus proving Pittrocks56 as a "coward" and a "pussy".
  • Throughout the video, Modern Dave makes frequent skipping. This irates David the Ranter and makes him wonder why Modern Dave wanted to perform the commentary half-fast, calling him a "commentary cheater".
  • The video is split into two separate parts rather than being one full-length video. This is probably due to Modern Dave not believing in someone making long commentaries more than 30 minutes long.